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Admin Professionals Day
Dazzling Daisy Poms Flower Arrangement  in Tooele, UT | The Spiced Pear Loft & Co.
Dazzling Daisy Poms
Flower Arrangement
The daisy is the symbol of innocence, joy, and cheer. Filled with daisy poms and fresh greens, this arrangement will brighten anyone’s day. Order Dazzling Daisy Poms today and make someone’s day memorable!
Shown at $60.00
Shown at $60.00

Custom Flower Design
Custom Flower Design
Let us create a custom flower arrangement for you.
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Any good business professional knows you can't get ahead without a skilled team behind you. Administrative Professionals Day is all about showing your appreciation, as well as saying, "Thank You" to your staff. Send flowers designed beautifully in a unique coffee mug, or maybe a huge gift basket of snacks for the whole crew to enjoy. However you celebrate this Administrative Professionals Day, The Spiced Pear Loft & Co. can help!